About Genuine Joe

The Genuine Joe brand launched over 10 years ago to help customers fill gaps with products like towel, tissue and can liners. It provides a value-priced alternative to branded products without compromising on quality. Since then, Genuine Joe has expanded to over 600 stock keeping units (SKUs) in 20+ categories, becoming one of S.P. Richard’s fastest growing brands.


Genuine Joe offers distributors a high-quality affordable assortment of products specifically designed to help build new business in high-growth product categories.


  • Value Price Point: Genuine Joe products span a broad range of categories with SKUs that deliver quality products that equal or exceed national brands without the national brand cost.
  • Designed for Dealers: Genuine Joe products are distributor friendly. Unlike other proprietary brands, Genuine Joe isn’t in widespread distribution through other channels; The Genuine Joe brand focuses on providing a quality brand created to help distributors build and win incremental business.
  • Single-Source Convenience: With Genuine Joe products, distributors can build sales with one high-quality brand that covers a wide rand of products and category requirements. From the breakroom to the janitor’s closet, Genuine Joe covers all facility product needs.
  • Genuine Joe = Genuine Quality: All Genuine Joe products are designed to meet the highest standards of performance, made from high-quality materials, and meet or exceed all industry standards for their category of use.